Supplements for professional footballers

Footballers need the necessary support before training. Both the preparation for matches and the competition itself can be very tiring, so it’s important to have adequate supplementation that will help during overtraining, but also when you want to prevent acidification of the body. Recommended products are completely safe, natural and, above all, legal.


It’s an ideal supplement for people who do endurance sports, strength sports and martial arts. It effectively counteracts oxidative damage. It strongly intensifies the production of ATP, which is very important, especially with long-lasting effort. It reduces fatigue, thanks to which the player will keep a good form even during a very difficult match. It also improves circulation, which significantly increases efficiency and, above all, transport of nutrients to the muscles.


Thanks to the fact that it significantly increases the production of carnosine, it improves the efficiency of the body. This is because the body is acidifying, mainly muscle. Their strength is improving, especially momentary. It is a great product for footballers who train a lot, for example, when preparing for a competition. It helps in overtraining and has antioxidant activity. After taking it, we feel less tired and we have a lot of energy for the next game.

Citrulline malate

This substance is a derivative of one of the major amino acids that supports nitrogen in the body. It significantly influences the improvement of efficiency, improvement of the cardiovascular system and faster regeneration of the body. When taking this supplement, blood pressure is lowered, which has a positive effect on general well-being.


Like citrulline malate, it influences nitrogen metabolism and is used as a precursor of nitric oxide. It also significantly increases the hormonal release after training, in turn, it has a positive effect on metabolism, and at the same time on the reduction of body fat. Greater amount of nitrogen means better functioning of the circulatory system. It makes more nutrients into our organs, including the muscles. They, with much more oxygen, can take on a heavy load, which increases our endurance on the pitch.

All supplements should be properly tested and have only a natural and proven composition. Avoid products we know little about.


Training for durable legs

Football players’ legs are the most important part of the body and must be extremely durable. To strengthen them, it’s necessary to perform special exercises that will increase joint stability, reduce the risk of soreness and severe injuries.


Squats are known more as an exercise for women who want to firm their buttocks, but are an ideal way to strengthen legs too. With this one exercise we will strengthen the thigh and calf muscles. They should be done in such a way that the knees do not protrude beyond the toe line. Thanks to this, we can have more control over the movement and there is no unnecessary overwork for the knees. The spine should be straight and the buttock should be protruding quite far. This way, the lumbar section will be protected and we will avoid a potential injury. You can do them classically, but also with widely spaced legs. Then we will focus on the inner parts of the thighs.


Tiptoe Climbing

With this exercise, we strongly push the calves, especially the back part. This is a great solution for people who feel their calves are tight. We not only stretch them, but also counteract unpleasant cramps and soreness. They work the hardest, so taking care of their condition is the priority of every player. We can do climbing with additional load, but also without it, but with pulsation and strong muscle tension. This will definitely intensify the exercise.


Leg Circling

Thanks to these exercises, the mobility in these joints increases, we strengthen it and stabilize it. We also improve the abdominal muscles and improve blood circulation in the legs. Muscle gets the right amount of oxygen, which prevents the soreness. This exercise also helps to stretch them accordingly. We can do them by leaning on a ladder or lying down. We try to ensure that the circles are full and the movement is controlled.

Exercises should be selected by a trainer or physiotherapist. He will assess the state of our health, but also help strengthen the parts that are the weakest. Thanks to this, the training will be more effective and will bring quick results. In addition to strengthening the legs, one should remember about other parts of the body, such as the waist, which plays a significant role when running on the playing field. Thanks to it, the body is stable and we can make jumps. Abdominal muscles are always working during jogging, so it’s worth remembering about training them, which is also aimed at strengthening them.