Organized games

The Caribbean Football Association (or CFU) organizes 9 football tournaments. These are:

  1. Eliminations

There are organized qualifying rounds for the Olympic women’s championships from the Caribbean zone, qualifying for the U23 Olympic championships from the Caribbean area and Qualifying for the U-17 World Cup and North America football championships. Of all the teams, they select those that will participate in the championships.

  1. National

The CFU is also the organizer of national competitions. The most important of them is the Caribbean Cup, which is preceded by qualifications from all members of the CFU. There is also the Women’s Caribbean Cup, the U-20 Caribbean Championship, the U-17 Caribbean Championship and the U-20 Women’s Caribbean Championship.

  1. Club

The CFU Club Championship is a continuation of the Intercontinental Cup. Seven teams compete in these competitions – the winner of the UEFA Champions League, the winner of the Copa Libertadores, the winner of the African Champions League, the winner of the CONCACAF Champions League, the winner of the OFC Champions League, the Asian Champions League and the champion of the country in which the World Cup is held. The games are based on the fact that teams from Europe and South America are starting to fight for the cup from the semi-finals, and teams from Asia, Africa and North America from the quarter-finals. The winner of the Champions League in Oceania and the home team play in the quarter-finals in the playoffs for 1st place. Then the game goes on 3rd and 5th place. The tournament consists of eight matches.

  1. CFU Championship

These championships have been held since 1978, organized every two years by the CFU. At the beginning, the teams fought for the 4th place, which was the introduction to the final tournament. The first tournament was won by the Suriname team. In 1988, the last edition of the championships took place.

Participants of the Football World Cup

Teams that belong to the CUF also took part in the World Cup. At this football event there were teams: Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago.

Competition aims to not only nurture the players fighting spirit, but also are beautiful football festivals. CFU wants to connect all Caribbean teams under a common banner through healthy competition and sport. The most important thing is to promote among young people, especially those from poorer countries, the activity and the spirit of sport, which teaches perseverance, brotherhood and discipline, and through sport to help young people develop their sport passion.