The members of the CFU are representations of 31 countries. They all take part in Club CFU Championships, among other things.

Anguilla national representation

It occupies the last place in CONCACAF. In total, they played 30 matches, of which they won only four.

Antigua and Barbuda representation

The Antigua and Barbuda Football Association is responsible for this team. This national federation is a member of CONCACAF. The biggest success of this team was the fourth place in the Caribbean Cup in 1998.

Aruba representation

It is a Central American national team that was founded in 1932. Since 1988, it has been subject to FIFA and CONCACAF. Aruba has never participated in the World Championships yet. The selector of the representation is Rini Coolen. The team is 18th in CONCACAF.

Bahamas Representation

This team is subject to the Bahamas Football Association. This federation was founded in 1967, and since 1968 belongs to FIFA. From 1981, it is also dependent on CONCACAF.

Barbados Representation

This is the national team of Barbados and belongs to the Football Association. From 1968, it’s also a member of CONCACAF and FIFA. The team has never advanced to the World Cup finals and is 24th in CONCACAF.

Bermuda representation

This team is led by a coach from Bermuda – Keith Tucker. It takes the 15th place in CONCACAF. They never played in the world championships.

Bonaire representation

This is an amateur football team that represents this island. It is not subject to FIFA. Its selector is Ferdinand Bernabel.

Representation of the British Virgin Islands

This team is under the control of the Football Federation of the British Virgin Islands, which was founded in 1974. Since 1996, it’s also a member of CONCACAF and FIFA. Its coach is Avondale Williams. It occupies 28th place in CONCACAF.

Curaçao representation

It’s under Federashon Futbol Korsou. In 2017 they won the Caribbean Cup. Currently, it holds the 6th place in the CONCACAF federation. The coach is Remko Bicentini.

Dominica representation

This representation is controlled by the Dominica Football Association. It was founded in 1970. Dominica is currently in 18th place in CONCACAF.

Grenada representation

This representation is subordinated to the Grenada Football Association. Their greatest achievement is the second place in the 1989 Caribbean Cup. The team is led by Mike Adams.

The Guyana representation

They play under the aegis of the Guyana Football Federation, which was founded in 1902, Guyana ranks 14th in CONCACAF.

Representation of French Guiana

The national team is a member of CONCACAF. In 2017, it took third place in the Caribbean Cup.

Guadeloupe team

It’s the national team of Guadeloupe. The team’s coach is Steve Bizasène since 2012.

Haiti national team

They had a performance at the world championships, where they lost matches with Poland and Italy. They were qualified twice for the Golden CONCACAF Cup.

The members also include: Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica (played in the world championships), Martinique, Puerto Rico, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, Saint-Martin, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, US Virgin Islands .