The Bahamas Football Association (BFA), an official football federation in The Bahamas, was founded in 1967 for everyone irrespective of gender and age to provide more opportunities to learn about football. In 1968, the association was affiliated with FIFA. The headquarters of BFA are in Nassau. Anton Sealey is the present president of the federation. Anya James is the executive vice president, and Antoine Dias, Stan Darville, Jason McDowell, Kevin Davies, Bruce LeFleur and Kevin McGreskin are the vice presidents. Fred Lunn is the general secretary and Larry Minns is the Ambassador. The BFA is led by the president and the board of executives. The headquarters of the BFA is managed by general secretary and the technical department is managed by technical director.

Bahamanian national team and the football clubs are under the leadership of Bahamas Football Association. One and two divisions of New Providence Football League are also controlled by the BFA.

The Bahamas national football team, controlled by the BFA, was founded in 1969. This football team is the national team of the Bahamas. But, the Bahamas could not qualify for the FIFA World Cup even in a single time. After playing the first round, the Bahamas withdrew from 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification in 2011.

Getting membership in Bahamas Football Association is highly beneficial for the players. Many players get scholarships in the US at Division 1 universities. Lots of soccer players in Bahamas also get opportunities to play with professional clubs in Europe. The coaching and education scheme of the BFA offers D, C, B and A National Coaching License. This scheme also provides opportunities to participate in continuous seminars and clinics, which are highly useful for the development of local administrators and coaches.

Present Status
The present administration of the BFA came undertook the responsibility to run the federation in 1996. Since then, the team has been implementing many changes to grow the club significantly. Due to the professional activities of the team members, the BFA could achieve significant growth and development over the past years. The coaches, administrators and executives are more experienced and professional. Under the leadership of the present administration, the team has become more competitive.

The national teams have been competing at U-23, U-20, U-17 senior men and senior women levels regularly. These teams are highly competitive and performing well in the region.

The administration of the Bahamas Football Association aims to develop the technical abilities of youth and girls. Improving the abilities of young Bahamas players is one of the objectives of the federation. The young players, now, get opportunities to compete in the national and international levels in their early ages. These earlier preparations enable them to compete with universities and colleges in the US and Canada.


The president of the BFA was attending an event on 10 May 2011. It was the run-up to the 61st FIFA Congress in Zurich. So, the president was not able to attend a meeting in Hyatt Regency hotel in Port-of-Spain. This meeting was organized by the presidents of Asian Football Federation, FIFA and CONCACAF and the vice president of FIFA.

The vice president of Bahamas Football Association Fred Lunn also attended the meeting. During the meeting, Lunn received a brown envelop, which contains $40,000 USD. The word, ‘Bahamas’ was written on that envelope. Lunn considered it not as a loan, but as a bribe for cash-for-votes and reported the matter to the president of BFA, Sealey. Then, Sealey reported the matter to Chuck Blazer, the general secretary of CONCACAF. Lunn also took the photograph of the envelop and the money before returning them. Later, Lunn gave the digital copy of the photograph to the journalists for publication. This issue leads to the suspension of both bin Hamman and Warner. FIFA also launched an investigation regarding this matter.

The Tribune, Bahamas based newspaper, praised the Lunn and Sealey for not accepting the bribe. The newspaper reported that the bribe was an attempt to insult the whole Caribbean. By offering this big sum of money, the bribers were mocking the poverty of the island nations, the publication reported. It further said that the bribers thought they can purchase the top administrators of BFA by offering this big amount. Caribbean is smaller islands and the people are in extreme poverty. The sum, $40,000 is equivalent to the salary of several years.

The National Academy

The BFA introduced its National Academy three years ago. Creating an infrastructure to identify and train the best players at youth level is the major objective of National Academy. In order to get an admission in the National Academy, the players must demonstrate higher levels of ability and commitment. The National Academy of the BFA aims the development of players. It is the best place for developing the technical and tactical skills of players. BFA is nurturing and developing each player with discipline, determination, commitment and a desire to achieve.

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