Football is one of the biggest and most supported sports in the island of Barbados. Barbados is one of the many countries in the world where football is revered and looked up to. Everyone in the island loves the sports, both males and females, from the junior to the masters level. Barbados has over 17,000 players. The presence of the Barbados Football Association makes everything about football in the island possible.

Barbados Football Association’s Purpose and Goals

With the values of professionalism, integrity, respecting members’ rights, fair play passion, and voluntarism, the Barbados Football Association has continued its mission to provide not only an effective football delivery system, but also an efficient one. For more than 100 years, it has remained in maintaining a self-sustaining organization that pushes for excellence. It aims to always protect the integrity of the sport, and looks at the development of football in a holistic view.

As a legitimate and known association, it takes care of organizing, promoting and regulating all the football activities in Barbados. It also organizes trainings, both international and local. There are 4 main areas of the sport; sports refereeing, coaching, administration and sports medicine. All these 4 areas in football are covered in these trainings. One of the association’s important aims, is to aid in providing earning and scholarship opportunities for players, participants and members.

Currently,the Barbados Football Association is building a home not only for football games, but also for the sport’s training and development. It will include a football field of international size and standards. It will also include team facilities, and offices for the administration and other committees. This is located on a land provided by the government. The location is in Wildey at the Garfield Sports Complex. This is the most important milestone in Barbados football.


The Barbados Football Association, founded in 1910 was named the Barbados Amateur Football Association until it changed its name in 1925 to what it is today. Historic games have been played at the National Stadium in Barbados like the game between Haiti and Barbados in 1974, where Barbados won. Another significant game that also marked in the history of Barbados football is Barbados’ defeat of Costa Rica in July 2000 for the CONCACAF semi-finals.


Randolph Harris is the current president of the association. Elected in 2012, the president is supposed to serve 4 years before his term ends. Harris, 57, who is a sales manager by profession, has been active in football since the 70’s. He was a member of the Christ Church league as a coach, player and manager. He was also able to organize 3 significant tournaments in the history of Barbados football. These were the BICO Tournament (1979), BESS Tournament (1989-2002), and the LIME Pelican Football Challenge ( 2011; 2012). The previous president was Ronald Jones MP. He was BFA’s leader for 12 years or a total of 3 terms.

The association is composed of a management team with 21 members. The Executive Board is composed of the President Randolph Harris, Senior Vice President Capt Al Walcott, General Secretary Edwyn Wood, and Treasurer Barney Callender. They have an Assistant Treasurer, Junior Assistant Secretary and 4 members.

These are the other committees that help out for the association to function in meeting its aims and goals.

  • Emergency Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Audit/Compliance Committee
  • Organising Committee (BFA)
  • Technical Committee
  • Referees Committee
  • Legal Committee
  • Women’s Committee
  • Youth Committee
  • Futsal/Beach Soccer Committee
  • Sports Medical Committee
  • Players Status
  • Media Committee
  • Football Committee
  • Strategic Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Credentials Committee


BFA is also affiliated with the most powerful football associations in the world like, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), CFU (Caribbean Football Union) and the Confederation of North American, Central American, BOA (Barbados Olympic Association) and Caribbean Football Associations. BFA is also recognized as Barbados’ governing body for football by the National Sports Council. There are also about 174 member clubs that are affiliated with BFA.


Despite the association’s influence in football in Barbados for 105 years, they were still renting out their headquarters until they finally found a permanent place to call home. It was funded by FIFA. Currently, the association is busy with their club licensing process, which is mandated and initiated by FIFA. Fun camps and trainings have also been happening since August. There was a Young Tridents Training Camp for the U17 Girls National Team. There is also an existing Grassroots Program. The most recent one was the fun and exciting 2-day Beach Soccer Festival at the famous Brownes Beach.

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